Where can I buy a Mctavish board in Europe, The UK or The USA?

If you are looking to pick up a McTavish board in Europe or the UK please contact our friends at Olatu, our manufacturing partners in the Basque Country. You can email Christian, who will be able to direct you to your nearest stockist, or he can help you with a custom order.  If you are in the USA, please drop us an email - we don't currently have any manufacturing or distribution for McTavish boards in the US, so the only current option is to have your custom or stock board shipped over from Australia, which we do via DHL regularly. More info on freight and packing can be found here.


Are all of your prices quoted in Australian Dollars?

Yes, all prices on this website are in $AUD. To convert to your local currency please visit www.xe.com 


How much is freight to my area?

For more details regarding freight pricing please click here. 


How long will I have to wait for my Custom Order

We are currently booked out for the remainder of 2021, any custom surfboard orders will be delivered roughly 8 months from purchase date, depending on the complexity of the design and artwork. Once we receive your completed enquiry form, our experienced staff will help guide you in the right direction to ensure you end up with a functional and beautiful surf craft you’ll hold dear for years to come.


How can I order a Custom Surfboard?

You can order a custom surfboard online by submitting a custom order form here. We will then get in touch with you to finalise the order details and payment. Alternately, drop us an email here and we will email a custom order form to you.


What artwork can I have on my Custom Mctavish?

When custom ordering you can have almost any artwork you like. However, we do not do company logos and designs. For more ideas check out the boards in our Online Store or contact our team at retail@mctavish.com.au 


Where are your surfboards manufactured?

All our boards are shaped by either Bob or Ben McTavish. The majority of our boards are then laminated and finished in our Byron Bay surfboard factory (the HQ). Boards for the UK/European market are still shaped by Bob or Ben and the laminated and finished at the Olatu factory, by our friends in the Basque Country. 

Free Shipping on Domestic orders over $150 - excl. Surfboards & Travel Bags.

Free Intl. Shipping on orders over $300 - excl. Surfboards & Travel Bags.