Josie was born on the island of Siargao in the Philippines and moved to Byron Bay aged four, where her dad, Mike, was a long-term local. She began surfing soon after. Despite having learnt her chops in Australia, however, both surf with an effortless, graceful style that seems to have come from somewhere exotic.

Josie is more interested in free surfing th...

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Board Builders

It’s no accident that many of the McTavish builders have been associated with the brand for decades. Says Bob: “Our factory has always been a gathering place for people who know and appreciate the skills of our industry and the quality of the boards we produce.

Building around 25 boards a week, the McTavish craftsmen know that the reputation of the brand rests on the quality of their individual work, and their ability to function well as a team.

Beyond this fact, there’s a higher collective ambition. Says Ben: “Building custom boards for people is a key part of enjoying your shaping. Not just earning a buck. You’re bringin...

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McTavish Surfboards is a high quality surfboard manufacturer based in Byron Bay, Australia. The brand was founded by Bob McTavish in 1962, with boards bearing the McTavish name in production ever since. McTavish Surfboards has been an important part of the Australian and international surfboard manufacturing landscape for more than half a century, just as relevant today as it has ever been.

Bob’s lovable larrikin personality and his contributions to surf design and culture form the basis of what McTavish is all about – design excellence, excitement, fun and ad...

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Custom Surfboard Orders

Custom Surfboards

We offer a custom surfboard program so our craftsman can build your dream surfboard. Ordering your surfboard is a simple process that allows you to choose colours, finishes and sizing to your specification, including having it personalised.

Custom surfboard orders typically take between 4 – 8 weeks to build, depending on the complexity of the design and artwork. Once we receive your completed enquiry form, our experienced staff will help guide you in the right direction to ensure you end up with a functional and beautifu...
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