Nathan Oldfield's latest 'Church of the Open Sky'

Nathan Oldfield's latest 'Church of the Open Sky'

Photography and words by Hunter Thomson


As the sun set over 91 Centennial Circuit last Thursday there was a hustle and bustle of McTavish folks preparing for the first free-for-view showing of local film-maker Nathan Oldfield's latest award winning project 'The Church of the Open Sky'. Fittingly the mainly outdoor event fell on the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and potentially up there with the coldest! Needless to say everyone braved the weather and came out to witness everything the night had intended; a celebration of fine surfing and beautiful film-making. 

After a drink or two from our friends Stone & Wood and Brookies Gin, the crowd moved outside to listen to the Q&A chat between the man of the hour Nathan Oldfield and our very own Bob McTavish. Nathan elaborated on the Tom Blake quote that inspired the title 'The Church of the Open Sky'. Bob then delved deeper asking Nathan about his start as a young independent film maker and what it is in this saturated world of Insta-content that makes him still put the time in to make a feature length film. 

Once the film began in our outdoor cinema, section after section drew in the crowd, their eyes glued to the screen. The film emphasised the pure joy we all get from surfing and quickly took its place amongst the all-time favourites.

The credits rolled and a round of applause erupted through the carpark as everyone returned to the warmth inside the surf shop collecting a beer or gin of choice on the way. It was an amazing turn out and we were thrilled to be able to celebrate such an epic film by one of our favourite film-makers.

If you didn't have the opportunity to see the film yet or just want a copy to watch whenever you like head over to Nathan Oldfield's website here to pick one up for yourself.


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