Board Builders Capsule


Anyone who has surfed a McTavish surfboard - can feel the difference. The difference of a board underfoot that’s been built with love and years of expertise. It’s a feeling we value and why every single one of our surfboards begins with Bob or Ben McTavish and travels through seven more stands, (& seven pairs of expert hands), before making its way to you, wherever you are.

Reflecting on another epic year with this team of makers & shapers, we wanted to pause, to celebrate them, and to honour their work with a dedicated apparel capsule inspired by this team of skilled builders. Because way before you reach the water, it all begins with them. Thank you guys for keeping the stoke alive!

Available only at McTavish and in strictly limited numbers.

If you’re in the Byron Bay Area this Summer, resident board-builder Wispy is running tours of the factory. Book below for your place.



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