Spoonful of fun

Spoonful of fun

The spoon kneeboard is a beautiful design, but highly labour intensive to make. In fact, almost an entire blank is consumed, just turned to fine dust in the process, as only a rim of foam remains at the nose. The process goes like this:

Shape the entire hull-style bottom, Glass it with two full layers of volan. Add four more layers staggered in length to the tail. Then it's left to cure for a week. Then flip it over and grind away the entire deck foam till you hit those bottom glass layers, and carefully clean up the deck scoop till it's perfectly balanced left to right. Glass the deck with two more layers of volan and the same four more, staggered to tail. That makes a total of twelve layers in the tail. Then glass on one sweet 11-inch flex fin!

Filler coat. Sand. Add art. Gloss and carefully polish. Voila! One magnificent spoon kneeboard. Now go find a perfect empty point surf…….


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