Mick Fanning got a hand-shaped Bluebird


Just before Mick Fanning snapped his ACL last year, he and our good friends at FCS came to the factory to present Bob with the FCS Legend Shaper Award. He joined Bob in the shaping room for a chat and a few hours later there was a 6’9” x 19 3/4” classic Bluebird wing-pin with Mick’s name on it. 

"The Bluebird was the iconic 70’s single fin which emerged from my endless surfing of Lennox Point. The name itself even came from watching swallows swooping on insects at sunset on the hill at Lennox.

Mick’s knee recovered, COVID hit, and consequently, we didn’t get to see Mick, the ultimate modern power surfer, tackle a design that favoured flowing front foot surfing.... until that last epic swell a few weeks ago. 

Mick hit Lennox fast and hard, the same point the Bluebird was first honed in on. He nailed some barrels, plenty of gliding arcs, and smooth off the tops... very stylishly indeed! 

It shows two conclusions. 1) a great surfer is a great surfer on anything... it’s just a matter of adjustment. And, 2) the classic seventies shapes are just as valid today - if you wish to pursue that intriguing style of wave riding!"
- Bob McTavish

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