Sean Tully leaves his mark

Sean Tully leaves his mark

Some time has passed since we last saw our bearded friend and for all we know he could not be so bearded anymore. We do know that he's left this board at the factory all covered in spray paint, crayon, posca and pencil. An eyeful for sure but by no means does that have any negative connotations attached, it’s stunning.

Sean's adept knowledge for the arts is evident not only throughout his work but also his experience in and around art culture. Sean’s been a key part in mobilising the careers of huge influencers like Ed Templeton, Cleon Paterson, Neck Face, Shepard Fairey and Anthony Lister among others. Having a moment to step away from New Image Art Gallery where he works in LA, Sean spent some time with us here in Australia last year where he worked on this unique craft with Bob McTavish.

It’s as though suspended mediums and ideas have been thrust towards the canvas which in this case is a Greenough inspired Hull. The paints, pens, crayons and concepts all come together in perfect chaos and it is a visceral visual experience that ensues after you first notice the light hitting the mounded flakes of crayon pressed firmly through wet spray paint. You cannot simply glance at this piece, you are forced to engage with it. The board emulates Sean's character in that it doesn’t seem to have one designated home but moves around the factory freely. For now, it sits snug in our new showroom for all to see.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from Sean and recently he wrote to us in need of a board to complement the plentiful breaks of California. Sean mapped out his ideas and it wasn't long before Bob had put the finishing touches on the thing. We hear that he’s enjoying his new log and still, no one can figure out if Sean is a goofy foot or natural foot. If you see him out there and figure it out let us know.

Photos by Lockie Marley

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