Maldives gets schooled

Maldives gets schooled
I've been surfing for just over 60 years, non-stop. Surfed Hawaii and Cali heaps in the sixties. Tahiti, Japan, NZ, Taiwan, Philippines, Spain, France, England, Tassie, Lord Howe, most of the Australian coast after that. NEVER have I seen waves as good as my last trip to the Maldives!
Yep, ruler edge perfection, 4 guys from our boat only ones out, at a place we dubbed "Rita's" after a beginner on our boat. The famous Maldivian water was so clear that as each set approached, the coral scrolled up the face as clear hi-def. The wave had already peeled 200 meters down the point, but this end section was so friendly, so welcoming. Drop in, top turn for speed, accelerate down the reef as maximum speed, and the bowl threw out a perfect thin lip you should reach out and trail your fingers in it. The coral below was perfect, if a touch scary, but then you were spat out into a sand bottom channel in kerosene coloured water. Hair dry. Paddle back up the point. Plunge in to cool off a bit, as the next set came wheeling down the point.

This next trip in May our whip-smart guide Brian is actually picking us up in Mali Airport, loading is on a small plane, and flying us all the way down to the southern atolls where we join the Carpe Vita, our trusty motoring palace for eight days, cruising back thru the South, the Central, and back to the Northern Attols. New spots! Reliable old ones! And Brian's secret last surf before we fly out!

Plus endless laughs and fun, heaps of great Sri Lankan and eastern grub. Cold Euro beer on tap, best non-threatening surf trip on the planet!! A few spots left.....

Bob McTavish  
Photos by  Tracey Flanagan

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