Art Board by Jordana Henry

Art Board by Jordana Henry
Words by Matt Ireland
Photos by Hunter Thomson

“Although I love the ocean and always lived close to the ocean I don’t surf myself, but Bob being a local legend I definitely wanted to be involved.”

It’s with great pleasure to announce our latest Art Board feature, local artist and down right legend, Jordana Henry. We’ve been drawn to Jordi’s work for a while, her work often ending up in colour palettes and moodboards of ours, her minimal abstract gestures of rich pigment was something we all wanted to see on a board. So to our delight she jumped in the shaping bay with Bob and at the opportunity to collaborate with us.

The beauty of this project is seeing what each artist brings to the table and how they apply their art to the shape of the surfboard, which is more of a sculpture than a blank canvas really. Right from the get go, this is how Jordi approached her two pieces, each board was to have two different colours either side, there was to be no visible stringer and the shape of the board had to compliment her signature female forms. Bob suggested a classic 70s Gun, as it probably had the most elegant of outlines.

“You challenged us with getting the solid colours each side and we had to reinvent a technique from the 60s, fortunately Alonzo our main artist has developed.” - Bob Mctavish

"I wanted the colours of this board to compliment the shape of it and what it was made to do, I wanted to keep it really simple so that it didn't take away from the natural shape of the board and what Bob’s done, I don’t want to over complicate anything I just want to keep it really simple and organic and let the colours speak for themselves. 

What a pleasure it was to get to spend time with Jordi in her studio and seeing these pieces come to life, the wonderful thing about this project was seeing Bob and Jordi in each others creative spaces and sharing their process with each other. 

“I generally make works from this tiny little box on my property in Broken Head, it’s probably the most inspiring place I’ve ever been. I love the process, my work is 100% about the process, not the finished product, it’s the part I enjoy the most, I kind of just start with brush, the paint and the canvas”

So here they are, Art Board by Jordana Henry. Enjoy.  




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