The Byron Bay premiere of Stefan Jose's latest film 'Seek'

The Byron Bay premiere of Stefan Jose's latest film 'Seek'

Photography and Words by Hunter Thomson


With up to 10mm of rain forecast on the radar the day prior, we were skeptical how this would go down, but as tradition with McTavish events dictates (knock on wood) the skies cleared and we were in for a cracker of an afternoon. By 5:45 the early birds had already started rolling in for a peek at what was happening as Wispy and Hunter finished putting up the last of the photo frames and everyone made their final preparations. Soon enough 6:30pm rolled around and we were underway. There was a line 20+ deep at the Brookie's Gin bar from the get-go and the burritos from Guzman y Gomez were snapped up and devoured faster than you could say guacamole.

Once the sun had set over the McTavish HQ and everyone had a chance to grab a beer or two from our good friends at Stone and Wood we commenced our discussion panel with Wispy, Benny Mac and Stefan Jose. The lads each gave a nice insight into what went into making the film and with a round of applause we rolled the film.

The crowd watched in silence as Wispy took to the screen, deep inside a few Sumatran barrels, all set to to the amazing Dope Lemon soundtrack and baritone voice-over of the one and only Benny Owen. As the credits rolled the crowd erupted, the boys had done an amazing job!

Thanks to everyone that came out for our biggest event to date. Also cheers to Brookies Gin, Stone & Wood and Guzman y Gomez for helping keep everyone well nourished, and to Yeti for keeping the beers cold!

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