Shipping Surfboards


When shipping both within Australia and Internationally, we want to ensure that your board arrives in mint condition. We take great care in packaging your board using the following steps. 

  1. We wrap each surfboard in heavy-duty double-sided bubble wrap.
  2. We then affix heavy-duty cardboard rail protectors the length of your surfboard, taping everything together firm.
  3. Once the surfboard is wrapped and ready we slide it carefully into a double-walled cardboard box for final shipping.



On the rare occasion your surfboard packaging has been compromised during shipping we have taken steps to fully insured your board for any costs associated with any direct damage to the surfboard.

You must follow these steps to continue this protection and help us claim any damage.

  1. Before you sign your delivery docket/consignment note, ask your driver to stay with you while you unpack your newly delivered surfboard. If he is unwilling to wait while you check your surfboard for potential damage then mark the delivery docket/consignment note “BOX DAMAGED” before your signature and the drive can leave.
  2. If the driver agrees to stay, unpack your board carefully and inspect your new surfboard. If it has been damaged or marked in any way, then please mark the consignment note as "DAMAGED" before providing your signature. If your new surfboard is unmarked, which is usually the case, then feel free to sign the drivers consignment note.
  3. If your surfboard has been DAMAGED, then please document the damage with good quality photos and contact us immediately to register the damage with our customer service team. Please email



By signing the consignment note without any written mention of damage, you are acknowledging the surfboard was delivered in good order.

Free Express Shipping on orders over $120 - excludes Surfboards and Travel Board Bags.

Free International Shipping on orders over $300 - excludes Surfboards and Travel Board Bags.