Demo Days

Bearded, buoyant and bold, Sean Tully came to us as an excited participant of the recent McTavish Trim event at First Point Noosa.

Recommended by mutual acquaintances, we took a chance and reached out to Sean, inviting him to meet us somewhere between the pub and the waters edge during his east coast tour of Australia. When the time came we were affably greeted with a firm handshake and a set of pearly whites that peered out behind a thick black beard as if he belonged to the set of Castaway and was somehow related to Chuck Norris. Something we were to learn quickly about Sean was that he had fun, the non-stop kind. The kind of fun kids have daily. He also had a refreshing sense of freedom and strong desire for creative expression and we certainly dig that. As kindred spirits often do, it wasn't long before both Sean and Bob had made plans to rendezvous back at the McTavish factory to begin a collaborative session full of stories, laughter and the odd six-pack.

Sean’s appreciation and fondness for the arts is evident in his speech, his surfing and most certainly his creation with Bob. The pair teamed up to create and design a Greenough inspired hull. Bob shaped the board and Sean painted it. When we say painted it we mean like in a multitude of layers that sometimes took us into the wee hours of the morning. In fact he used all types of applicators including spray paint, posca pens, oil pastels, mixed with the odd splash of beer and a fingerprint or two.

So please take a look at what is definitely a unique and intricate art board.

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