The day began at Wategos beach with a beautiful shy morning light hidden behind Cape Byron. Our initial glimpse of the bay revealed a high and rising tide, making for an interesting scenario, as no waves of note showed along the rocky shore. 

Alas, not running the Trim was never an option and we set our hopes on the far point out towards the Cape. Tiny peelers reflecting the rising sun teased our eyes with chance and so it wasn't long before the decision was made. “Out the back ladies and gentlemen!” Bob called.

As is tradition, the trimmers lined up on the beach displaying the most amazing collection of gliders, for their group portrait. With the Le Mans start traversing the half flooded beach, the trimmers began paddling for the cape.

Not long after reaching the gently breaking point a mysterious surfer with an almost impossibly long glider began lurking just off the rocks. Murmurs started and word finally flowed back to the beach that it was none other than Bryce Young, who had only recently heard of this Trim thing. With plenty of stoke to be involved Bryce shaped a glider just days earlier with good friend Ryan Burch. The board turned out so good he didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun, so Bryce paddled out and was welcomed by one and all.

Excitement was at an all-time high and somewhere from the depths a set began to gather, approaching the trimmers like watery walls of joy. The trim was on!

Heats one and two were a dazzling display of trim. Plenty of folk threading the gaps between the rocks on take-off, seeking a slingshot up the beach whilst others thought energetic scootering would help them keep forward momentum with the wave. Some even used a crouching technique to reduce aerodynamic drag, occasionally standing and turning to avoid the scattering of boulders inside the bay. Every trimmer was endeavouring as hard as they might to milk as much out of every wave in the high tide conditions. At the conclusion, there were several rides in excess of 250 meters and a few of just more than 300. It was truly an awesome show so entertaining we decided to send them all out on the ebbing tide with far more favourable conditions.

And what a final it was. Almost every wave was surfed in two’s, sometimes threes and even fours. The camaraderie was at an all time high with some spectacular meters being gained. The finale came down to a set wave shared by three trimmers that broke all scores before them. Taking off from well out the back, inline with little Wategos and Mountain Warning, Matt Chojnacki, Harrison Roach and Thomas Bexon all paddled for and caught a wave of perfect proportions. At the beginning, they trimmed rail to rail working in unison up the bay towards the beach. Then ever so slowly they began searching for their own perfect trim, eking out every ounce of push from the wave beneath. In the end, all three stepped off in a flurry of shore break to a cheer of wonderment and admiration from the spectators on the beach. The crowd was on its feet celebrating the amazing rides they just witnessed. All three had surfed more than 400 meters. A truly fantastic display of trim!

Then just when you thought it couldn’t get any more thrilling and as if to signal the completion of the event, 20 or so dolphins zipped into the lineup, jumping and torpedoing through the sets, showing us all how it's done. The cheer on the beach was feverish bringing a fitting end to a wonderful day of beautiful surfing. Final trim results were;

Doyen of Trim  Thomas “Doc” Bexon                       432 meters

Devotee of Trim Harrison Roach                              430 meters

Disciple of Trim Matt “Waxhead” Chojnacki             412 meters

McTavish Surf would like to acknowledge all the trimmers and their supporting sponsors who helped make both the 2nd Annual McTavish Trim and Byron Bay Surf Festival.


Images by Ben Bugden and Lockie Marley