Northbound we were. A familiar pilgrimage. Noosa, the place where a generation, ahead of their time, refined their craft, their style and their outlook and spawned what was to be known as the Involvement era of surfing.
As well as being a stunning environment to immerse yourself in with the forest running to the waterline, these 5 points are sharpening tools. Waist high right-hand runners came to rest on the rock-strewn points as they have done for hundreds of years. They were used, again, to refine our craft. Long rides allowed the surfer to be in conversation with the technology under his or her feet and the long walks in wet/dry board shorts gave rash a chance to rear its head if ever it was going to.
It was inevitable that we would point the noses of our cars south again. Sad to go but we left with more than we came. You always do on a surf trip I suppose. It’s time to put what we’ve learnt into the foam and into the fabric of our products. Here is what Noosa looked like for McTavish in March 2017.