Shibori dying is an ancient Japanese technique reinterpreted with a modern outlook by Pepa Martin and Karen Davis, the founders and creative vision behind Shibori.

Shibori's unique take on an ancient Japanese tradition has seen its signature aesthetic projected all over the world and can now be seen in the McTavish Summer 16 collection. As an homage to the Tee that the creative duo has produced in collaboration with McTavish Surf, we decided to take Ben McTavish, some foam, our skillful laminator Bill McLean, and some tinted resin to carefully reflect the Shibori visual into Bens Diamond Sea surfboard design.  

The garment features a custom 2-tone blue on white Shibori dip, soaked into the fabric of a McTavish classic plain white tee. The Diamond Sea emulates the Tee flaunting a half Shibori blue resin tint that chaotically meets a subtle white resin pigment in the middle of the surfboard. Top that off with a wet rub finish and a single fin box for our bespoke Diamond Sea fin to slot into and you have one of three limited edition McTavish Diamond Sea surfboards.   

Pepa and Karen invited us into their Sydney studio to get an insider's view of proceedings. Karens stained blue hands guided us through an A-Z of the dying process whilst, in the background, a sister-like, jovial bickering between Pepa and Karen had us in stitches. Our morning with the girls is in pictures below as well as some studio time with our newest look Diamond Sea by Ben McTavish. 

Check out the finished Tees here, and the limited edition (1 of 3) board is available here.

Lockie Marley