Images and words by Hunter Thomson


The usual hustle and bustle that comes with setting up a McTavish event began just after lunch. With the sun still shining prominently at this point we wheeled out the racks from the surf shop at our McTavish HQ and cleared the floor to hang the two Art Boards.

By the time we finished, the first rain clouds we had seen in weeks blew over and started to sprinkle. Nevertheless, people started rolling in, most in the name of art, some in the name of free beer! The drinks flowed from our good friends at Brookies Gin and Stone & Wood – and the spectacular platter provided by Three Blue Ducks found some fans and was quickly devoured. 

The space quickly filled up and we got Jordana Henry, the woman of the hour, up on the mic to answer a few questions about her process and how she found the collaboration experience. Finally the lights were dimmed and the movie commenced. The next 6 minutes was quiet as a mouse as everyone in the room starred in awe at the short film by David Child of The Noun Collective.

All in all, a fitting way to wrap the project. It has been such an incredible opportunity to watch the collaboration unfold between Bob and Jordana and we couldn’t be more stoked with the outcome.

If you missed the night, do yourself a favour and check out the video HERE.