It's common for kindred spirits to jointly find solace in creative and soulful pursuits. From generations apart but exhibiting the same larrikin nature, Jared and Bob both admired one another for their incredible zest for beautiful surf. When Jared mentioned sometime late last year he was Byron Bay bound for the surf festival Bob immediately sent an invitation to Jared to participate in the Trim. Better still he extended an offer to help the @banksjournal comrade to shape his own glider while the two spent some quality time in the bay. With nothing but froth for the idea of creating something together, they both hit the bay and began literally throwing out ideas on the wall of what this behemoth could end up looking like. Not satisfied they had everything they wanted they even dialed in Josh Hall, who shared some of his renowned ideas from a youth spent with Skip Frye. What came about was like a dream come true for Jared who now had his very own glider for the Trim. Bob was stoked they he could experiment and share ideas with two chaps who shared his stoke for Trim. The rest is history, a moment in time that they all will fondly remember. 

 Photos by Ben Bugden, Anrielle Hunt, and Lockie Marley