Once in a while, traditionally every spring, there is a need to clean one's abode ready for the throng of summer. For us here at McTavish, it’s a happy time, a time when we get to pass on a bunch of our preloved surfboards to new, excited and proud owners. 

However, this year was a little different than past editions, as we happily welcomed our neighbourhood friends along for the day. It was a perfect opportunity to offer both locals and visitors from afar the chance to snap up a little bargain here and there. In many ways, it was also a celebration of the onset of golden evenings and warmer waters in the bay. With daylight hours changing across the eastern seaboard the same weekend, spring holidays is the beginning of a long, hot Australian summer and for many its a time we become closer to the ocean.

The day began with a hive of activity, everyone setting up the various stalls, including the talented ladies at Atmosea wetsuits, local Brent Wayling and his Saltys Boardshorts, to the good people from Banks Journal, whilst not forgetting our next-door neighbour Andy and co from WildThings.
From the beginning, one of the highlights was the emergences of Ben McTavish’s “Shed Collection” of vintage surfboards. Including gorgeous Gordon Woods Trackers to funky Sky Twinnies, the collection kept tucked away for many years saw the light of day for the first time in a long while, drawing in admirers all around. The collection was punctuated with shapes pioneered by Ben's father Bob and friends, when the existentialism of surf design was as organic as the vegetables served nightly at the dinner table. Truly wonderful to see!

Later as the sun rose and the crowd began to build, we welcomed Matthew Armitage and The James Street Preachers to our makeshift musical stage to help jive the day away. With a beautiful meld of blues and folk tunes, these talented and friendly musicians plucked, strummed and sung their way through the morning giving us all a melodic high of happy proportions. 

What was ever present throughout the day was the joy and community of beautiful surf, something we truly believe in here at McTavish. Good times, musical vibes and smiling faces. Bring on summer and see you next time!