No one was more stoked to get the call up for the first McTavish Trim in 2016, than Byron Bay local Nathan Oldfield. Although he didn’t set the beach on fire with his Le Mans start, Nathan was certainly a true disciple of trim, putting on a masterclass performance as he does more regularly on any given day at the crowded Pass. It is with great pleasure we welcome Nathan back to our second ever McTavish Trim - Furthest Up The Beach.
Nathan's board of choice:
"11’11” custom glider shaped by Eden Saul" - Nathan Oldfield
When word spread there was a second Trim to be held, a Frenchman with close ties to Australia decided he wanted in. Within a few short days, he had jury-rigged his longboard with bedsheets sails, packed the essentials of wine, Fromage and crusty baguette, setting sail from Côte des Basques Biarritz France. Word is that he skillfully navigated his way across three oceans all the way into the line up at Kirra, trimming the last 500meters right to the beach while swigging the last of his red wine. Now, who could turn down such bravado? Certainly not us! So it is with great pleasure we welcome the gallant Clovis Donizetti to the 2nd ever McTavish Trim.
Clovis's Board of choice:
"Hopefully, I can borrow a 10’2 Grace from you guys ! love the Phil Edwards influence as he was the ultimate Trimmer for me..." -Clovis Donizetti
Now if you don’t know already, the next Trim is to be held at beautiful Wategos Beach, home to many varied and wonderful marine creatures. Recently whilst on location, the McTavish crew spotted a graceful lady, trimming amongst a pod of dolphins from the eastern most tip of Australia. Little did we know this ambassador for Surfers for Cetaceans, was already fine-tuning her trim skills in anticipation of getting an invitation to the next Trim. Our decision was instant and unanimous, Lauren Lindsey Hill must be included in the next McTavish Trim.
It goes without saying we are thrilled to finally announce Matt Chojnacki, aka @thewaxhead will participate in our next Trim. After sitting out the inaugural Trim due to a serious injury sustained while tearing apart an old rusting split screen, The Waxhead is back. Now fully recovered and with plenty of stoke in his tank, The Waxhead will simply not stand idle but rev his trimmer as hard as he can, dropping the clutch and burning rubber all the way to the sand.
Chono's board of choice:
"11'6" Grace, by the boys at McTavish Surfboards. True work of art, no expense spared and the triple stringers and DFIN remind me to TRY my best to incorporate Phil Edwards into my surfing." - Matt Chojnacki
Last time we held the Trim there was this one guy who stood on the rocks off First Point, heckling the Trimmers with hilarious but positive innuendo that had everyone in stitches. Deep down we know this fella was just a wee bit jealous of his mates in the water. Well, that was certainly enough of a reason for us to invite the charismatic Jared Mell, who is right now deep in a shapers retreat with none other than Bob McTavish. Could these two be colluding to produce a surf craft of epic cosmic trim performance just for the McTavish Trim
Jarred's board of choice:
We are excited and honoured to have Robin Kegal, join us for the next McTavish Trim - Furthest Up The Beach. For a while there we didn’t know if Robin had received our original message. So we immediately sent word via the shapers grapevine to California, in case he was there shaping sleds for lucky customers. Turned out he wasn’t. To be sure we then asked some carrier pigeons on-route to holiday in Basque Country, to help us find Robin. They didn’t. However, word finally came through only yesterday that Robin had in fact received our first message and was already busy shaping here in Byron Bay. No doubt crafting himself a wonderful glider. We can’t wait to see what trim machine he brings to the beach
Robin's shaping and laminating a few options in CA, shipping them here, and will glass on fins and hot coat them when he arrives. 
When you think of trim its true your minds eye is filled with visions of slender and graceful long gliders. There are some exponents of trim who regularly shape these wonderful looking craft and whom surf them almost daily. When your moto is “slide the glide” and you learnt your craft from the master Skip Frye, then you are definitely a disciple of Trim. Without a doubt this is true of Josh Hall, who we are proud to welcome as another notable surfer/shaper to the next McTavish Trim - Furthest Up The Beach.
Josh's board of choice:
11.6 Fish Simmons Inspired by Skip Frye, template handed down and made by Josh himself.
These days we hear Harrison Roach, is into a new kind of trim regularly skipping along the lakes north of Noosa in his Hobie Cat, keeping his mainsail taught and one hull suspended. Could this be some sort of a grand plan to help channel a little bit of the Australia II, 1983 Americans Cup crews good fortune, by squeezing the last 2% out of his Trim craft in the next McTavish Trim - Furthest Up The Beach? If you know how close the last Trim was you won’t want to miss any of the action.
Harry's board of choice:
"10’6 triple stringer single fin. Old mate Doc Bexon shaped it because I’m obsessed with the way Peter Biden surfs. The board model is called the “Postie” because Biddo’s a post man." - Harry Roach
Tradition has it that we always like to invite someone who we admire from a local perspective. Someone who we see almost on the daily, sliding and gliding, who shows composure and panache above mere mortals. With this in mind we are stoked to welcome the Poseidon of Byron Bay, Myles Doughman, to the Mctavish Trim - Furthest Up The Beach. It's true Myles is a very accomplished long-boarder, having spent much of his youth sharing waves with the great Midget Farrelly and later going on to developing powers that only Kings of the sea could emulate.
Myles's board of choice:
"I had Robin Kegel make this board for me for the event. Somewhere between 10’1 – 10’3" - Myles Doughman
Originating from the tropical Isles of Philippines, and now calling Byron Bay her home, this surf maiden is her own graceful version of beautiful surfing. It goes without saying we are all extremely proud to welcome Josie Prendergast, to the McTavish Trim - Furthest Up The Beach. Since childhood, her father spent many afternoons sharing with her his joy for the ocean and the wondrous waves it brought to shore. From this loving guidance Josie, now more than ever, is ready to glide with her fellow trimmers.
Josie's board of choice:
Our final Trimmer announcement for this weekends Trim, is inspirational all round waterman Dave Rastovich. Known for his insane skills on almost any watercraft, Dave brings his own style of trim and awareness to this years McTavish Trim - Furthest Up The Beach. If you didn’t already know, Bob and Dave have a friendship that almost predates organic honey and when Bob mentioned this trim thing to Dave, he immediately started drawing a longboard that was part Humpback tail fluke and bit part pectoral fin from a Bottlenose Dolphin. When Rasta was finished Bob instantly agreed, this board must be part of the Trim.
Dave's board of choice: