I’ve got friends who’ve been surfing the Maldives for over thirty years, addicted to that insanely wave-rich North Male region, where there are more perfect reef/point breaks in close proximity than anywhere in the world. Think Pasta Point, Coke’s, Chickens, Jails etc. After hitting those amazing craters, attols and reefs four times in the last five years, I’m now more interested in hitting uncrowded perfection in the Central Attols.

For a start there are new small airports popping up, just a short awe-inspiring flight from Male. Which means it’s now possible to strike direct to the middle of the Central Attols without the whole day at sea journey from Kandooma to Maroofs. Just fly into Maroofs, the Lennox look-alike, with a bonus Angourie-like bowl. If you’re really scoring maybe the inner breaks like Rita’s will come alive on the really high tides. Stay on a previously booked Perfect Wave boat right by the break.

Then when you’ve had your fill, and the Sou-West swell turns more South, chug off to the Farm or Ying-yangs, just a few hours south. You’ll probably score Chambers as well.

Then when the swell moves right around to Sou-east, as the low progresses under West Australia as it inevitably does, up fires amazingly perfect Machines, only another few hours cruising south. It’s very close to Kadhdoo airport, so you depart from there as the swell fades out. A perfect swell-following surf trip. Minimal cruising time, maximum uncrowded wave time. We just had that brilliant experience two weeks ago! Fantastic! I’m still thrashed from surfing so much! 

Best water in the world, fish, turtles, mantas, great times on the boat, totally stoked cruising companions, Sri Lankan food, music, laughs galore! As we used to say in the sixties: “Too Much!”

 - Bob
Photography by Andy Potts