I just got home from my annual Maldives trip where I host a gang of surf lovers from all over the place. This year's gang hailed from London, Ireland, Melbourne, Enzed, Sunshine Coast, West Oz, Manly, and down the hill from my place, Broken Head. We all had a great time and got a steady supply of great waves in the world's clearest water.

We landed in the capital, Mali, and immediately jumped a Fokker down to the Southern Atolls to climb aboard the Carpe Vita, our cruising 120-foot hotel for the next 8 days. 250 k's of gliding through insane reefs, islands, empty beaches, and 9 different surf breaks. What an amazing geographic masterpiece! These ancient huge volcanic craters have been mysteriously cut off at water level, and their rims sustain hundreds of tiny islands just a few feet above high tide. Crowded with coconuts, they are the epitome of the tropic island paradise, in the flesh. Our cruising gang of steadily bonding groovers were constantly yelling "Wow! look at that!" - If not surfing, snorkelling, eating, drinking, or laughing.

We all landed back at the airport island, a gang of new friends with heads abuzz with an overwhelming appreciation for the head slamming beauty, the wave quality, the coral, the incredible skies and sunsets, the laughs, the food and drink. For a few of us, it was the absolute stoke of having the best wave of your life running replay on-demand.

What a buzz. Enough waves to carry each of us through a few months of shoulder-to-the-wheel. Till next time.....   Bob