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The Original is a beach-break specialist with its extreme 3-stage rocker profile. Loose and fast off the tail, the Original also retains good nose-riding ability.

Technical Features
- Extreme 3-stage rocker profile
- Hippy pin tail
- 60/40 rails
- Double concave tail
- Single concave nose
- Nose bevels to aid stability
- 6x6x6oz lamination


9’0” – 9’6” Length
22” – 23” Width
2 ¾” – 3” Thickness
18” -/+ Nose
13 ½” -/+ Tail

Fin Setup

Centre finbox with 7” Australian-made fibreglass McTavish fin AND FCS GX-Q side fins.
Boards Available

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SLX – Global Surf Industry Range

SLX is a new construction that brings together the best elements of EPS and Epoxy, like reduced weight and quick recoil, without the common side-effects of excessive stiffness or lack of feel. The result of the unique construction process makes a very light-weight board, that retains an excellent flex pattern, as well as adding a little extra buoyancy. Performance on these boards is very dynamic, as they are fast and responsive, communicating with the rider at a higher level. SLX technology is a step towards the future of high-performance surfboard construction.


We spend a lot of time at work riding and refining our boards. This year we are really excited about our new X-3 Epoxy Comp lay up designed especially for some of the SUP shapes in our line. The perfect combination of traditional glass flex with loaded up unidirectional fibres give the X-3 boards a classic combination of drive and glide. We have combined traditional epoxy custom wet lay up fibres with select unidirectional glass to create a lively feel that literally springs off the bottom. X-3 strikes the perfect balance between durability and performance.


SLX Carbon, or SLXC, is our highest performance custom wet epoxy layup. There are several ways for us to control the flex of our surfboards. In depth testing has led us to a limited release of the SLX Carbon Construction. Light and loaded, the SLX Carbon lay up allows us the fastest recoil of any board we build while also bringing the weight of the board down. The tensile modulus of the added carbon on the rail (three times standard glass) make the SLX CARBON layups feel extremely alive and responsive.

McTavish Custom – Handmade in Byron Bay, Australia

The custom range is hand made in our factory in Byron Bay, Australia. We’ve been in the Byron area for 40 years, tuning new designs and concepts in the perfect waves of iconic breaks like The Pass and Wategos. All of our custom boards are manufactured in a PU foam/fibreglass construction, by artisans with a lifetime of experience. We use only the finest materials, sourced from all around the globe, to give a product that is unmatched in both quality and performance. Each custom board is unique, and when you order you can choose from an endless range of models, dimensions, artwork, fin setup and fibreglass layup to suit your unique requirements. Our experiences staff can walk you through every option to ensure you get the right board. We keep over 170 custom boards in stock at any one time, or you can order your own creation with a 4-6 week turn-around.

Tuflite - – Surftech Range

Tuflite construction offers the most advanced quality construction suitable for the spectrum of surfboard models. Using only the highest quality EPS foam, epoxy and fiberglass materials, Tuflite surfboards are composite sandwich boards that boast the ultimate combination of performance and durability

Sandwich Construction: By using specific layers of materials, we achieve the performance we want while creating an incredibly durable and extremely light weight board

Multiple Epoxy Layers: 2 completely separate layers of quality epoxy/fiberglass lamination

High Density Foam Wrapped Rail: Similar to the glassing process, wrapping our exterior foam around the rail provides strength, eliminates splitting and improves longevity of our boards

Impact – Custom EPS/Epoxy Construction

McTavish Surfboards is stoked to release our new IMPACT custom epoxy construction into the McTavish line-up. IMPACT supplies a stronger, lighter board, with fantastic flex properties. This enhances surfing performance without sacrificing strength, and keeps the boards feeling lively. Best of all, all IMPACT boards are custom shaped - Any model is available, in any dimensions.

Our IMPACT epoxy process distills the best of the available systems, and combines it with custom shapes. Here’s how:

CORE: We utilise only the finest Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) cores available. These are NOT block or bun foam, with loose unpredictable bead adhesion. Our cores are therefore far less water absorbent than many EPS cores. EPS is far lighter than standard polyurethane foam, giving us a light but strong base from which to work.

LAMINATION: We use the world’s No 1 epoxy by Resin Research from the USA. After glassing the bottom in two layers of glass, we laminate the deck with a single. Then we vacuum-bag a thin sheet of Dyvinicell high-density PVC foam onto the deck, and laminate another layer of glass over, creating a sandwich deck. Dent resistant, snap resistant and strong.

COSMETICS: We have mastered epoxy pigmenting, allowing most colours to be integrated into the laminate. You won't be able to choose from ANY artwork (the way you can with a custom PU), but there is a wide variety of designs and colours available.