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Spoons - Day 1

Monday, February 13, 2012

For a long time now we've been wanting to get some Spoons on the go, but they're labour-intensive, and very specialised boards to build - but now we've finally got around to it, and are making 5 spoons over the next few weeks. Bob has hand-shaped the bottoms on each one, and our epoxy laminator Bryan Bates has been helping him out with the glass-work - all 8 layers on the bottom so far. There are 4 coloured ones and one full original in volan. Now that the bottoms are glassed the boards need to sit and cure for a week before Bob hooks in and scoops those decks out - Its a long process but is really worth it when you see the finished product. Here's a few pics from day 1 - I'll add a video once its all cut together.